6 YouTube 1 . You can turn on Safety Mode by scrolling to the bottom of any YouTube page and clicking the dropdown menu in the "Safety" section. Launch Parental Control Youtube App Android RealPlayer and RealTimes Blog How to Set Parental Controls on YouTube YouTube is home of tons and tons of great videos, and a lot of them are ideal for children to watch. Tap the little padlock icon at the bottom right corner to bring up the settings. 0 of 1,000 characters 4.  Additionally, you can also turn off the annoying sound effects the app makes as well as the background music.

When you install and use the app for the first time, you have to first set a PIN for security purposes. If you upgrade to the Pro version (inapp purchase), Kids Zone gives you the ability to create profiles for each child and a quick unlock feature for parents to use to answer incoming calls. If you receive a message after clicking the on button that says "You can lock the Safety Mode setting after you sign in" then you are not logged into Google / YouTube. Filtering on iOS A growing number of kids are watching videos using an iPad, an iPhone or an iPod touch, and as expected, most of the parental controls you use on the desktop dont extend to mobile.

Parental Control Youtube App Android How to Use YouTubes Parental Controls Search the site In case your childs search for funny cat videos takes a wrong turn Share Updated March 10, YouTube, the worlds favorite video sharing site, can become a parents nightmare, especially if you have curious kids. How to Enable YouTube App Parental Controls The only parental control available on the YouTube app is SafeSearch. Parents who want to limit their childs screen time can control the apps settings through a password; when a set amount of time is up, the app turns off and cant be started again without the password. Rather than let their offspring make mistakes that could affect them for life, many parents are employing parental control tools to restrict transgressions and encourage responsible use of devices.

Here are steps you can take to limit your childs access to inappropriate YouTube content: . :

Step # 3 Locking Safety Mode On Now that the safety mode is enabled, results that are not appropriate for children will be excluded. Check the settings area of the mobile app to see if it is an option. Go to the YouTube. Its the same steps for any browser you use once you login to YouTube with your user account. Parents can lock and unlock kids device applications.

Children with smartphones by Syda Productions via Shutterstock How to Set Parental Controls on YouTube RealPlayer and Parental Control Youtube App Android The only parental control available on the YouTube app is SafeSearch. You can setup a playlist with childfriendly videos and then turn your child loose with the iTubeList app. It is very easy to setup parental control restrictions on the iPod Touch. What do you think of this approach?

If you dont mind spending a bit of money, you can get the premium version which lets you view logs of text messages, monitor the apps downloaded by your child and even block some of those apps amongst various other features. Making calls is one thing accessing inappropriate content, installing apps, and running up large bills for inapp purchases is quite another. during school hours, prevent your child texting and driving, block incoming calls and texts, monitor alarming text messages, control which applications can be used and when, then receive a daily report on your childs phone usage. With the apps child lock feature, kids stay safely in Kid Mode – the app prevents accidental inapp purchases, deleted texts, or confusing ad clicks.

Parents can control their kids devices in real time. There are browserbased extensions like FoxFilter for FireFox or Blocksi for Chrome that also filter website content. Considering the content features videos from the Sesame Street Channel, a channel dedicated to teaching kids how to count, and lets not forget Barney & Friends, it isnt going to be effective for too long. When the timer expires, the app will immediately block the video player and all suggested videos. Safety Mode attempts to filter YouTube search results so that the bad stuff is hopefully weeded out. If you are logged into your YouTube account, you can lock this feature so it is always enabled.

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How to control what your I Want to Monitor Childs iPhone%2c WhatsApp Text Messages%2c Cell Calls History child watches on Parental Control Youtube App Android May 23, How to control what your child watches on YouTube. Right now though, the safety mode could easily be disabled, by just scrolling to the bottom and turning it off so its not very useful right now. Then you can take them with you wherever you go and watch them on an iPhone, Android, PC, tablet, or even your TV.

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Perhaps you dont consider smartphones or tablets suitable for children? it filters most unsafe content out and removes comments from videos. Right now though, the safety mode could easily be disabled, by just scrolling to the bottom and turning it off so its not very useful right now.

A similar app is KidSafe Tube (iOS Universal, $2. Publishing policy ‐ Privacy Policy Close Search How To Set Up Parental Controls On The YouTube Kids App Parental Control Youtube App Android How To Set Up Parental Controls On The YouTube Kids App. Although, the mobile apps only enable SafeSearch, it does help eliminate some inappropriate content from search results. . :